martes, 31 de mayo de 2016

Our trip to Oxford

Here you have a short diary of our trip. Unfortunately I have had to delete the music that I had chosen for this video as it had author's copyright. I'll show you the original one at school. I hope you like it.

domingo, 22 de mayo de 2016

St. Mary & John C.E. Primary School

Here you have two links to Google maps. Let's see if those who travelled to Oxford can remember these two places.



This visually stunning resource uses interactive web pages which allow you to explore and manipulate 360 degree photographic panoramas of the city and university.

It is constructed from hundreds of high quality photographs of Oxford. Highlighted in the Sunday Times January 2004.

miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2016

Your songs

Here you have the lyrics to practise them at home and learn them by heart.


6º B

6º C

lunes, 25 de abril de 2016

Messages about Mother Nature

Ricardo has found these wonderful pictures and he would like to share them with you.
I hope you like them. Thank you so much for your contribution to this blog, Ricardo.

I love how this picture represents Mother Earth.

domingo, 24 de abril de 2016

Earth, appreciated

If this link takes you to a playlist of 12 videos, choose the fifth one. You can select the language (English, please) on the right side of the screen at the bottom of the video. Maybe, after watching this one you'd like to see the rest of them ...